Yuko’s 1st Anniversary! To my fellow sex workers♡

July marks my 1st year as Yuko!

This industry has never stopped surprising me with kindness and acceptance since the very beginning… I’m especially thankful to the beautiful souls I met here along the way; you are some of the most genuine, level-headed, intelligent people I’ve ever had the pleasure to know – real beacons of human compassion and love.

Unlike other competitive industries, sex work demands true character. It is one of the fundamental productivities in this industry that often goes unseen/unmentioned.

Most industries generate profit from our ability to “teamwork as instructed” or straight-out become that baby cuckoo that backstabs. Sex work, at least to me, demands emotional labours of the highest quality: one’s ability to bond with people emotionally and physically, then nurture the bonds we have.

This industry introduced me to a group of people who’ve lived the darkest pages of our society, yet remained strong, gentle souls providing others with a safe space and surround them with love.

I can’t express how much I love you, and I will never forget the people reached out to help after I reported a violent client…

You’re my heroes. x

*Special thanks to Sex Workers Outreach Project in Sydney.*

The introverted girl is losing words and getting a little teary… putting the pen down for now…

Stay safe and take care…

One thought on “Yuko’s 1st Anniversary! To my fellow sex workers♡

  1. Jeff says:

    How wonderful to hear how compassionate you are towards your artistry, clients and colleagues. Your acceptance in the industry has been in no uncertain terms, a measure of your character. You launched your persona in a completely unique way, created your own highly original material and set a standard that transcends work and is an experience in human companionship.

    You have created a unique companionship that, for me, will be a wonderful journey into a world little known.

    I’m grateful and humbled you chose this career so that I may get to know you as Ms Yuko

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