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From Mr Cam,

Yuko is worth your time, your money and the wait to experience what she has to offer. I was first drawn to Yukos profile because she was offering something entirely unique. An authentic geisha banquet experience with a sensual twist. I was completely unsure if you could ever recreate the elegant banquets you sometimes see in a BBC documentary, or if that is even possible in Sydney. Rest assured, you absolutely can – with Yuko.

The effort she puts into her work is unparalleled. It was obvious from the very beginning of our booking that it was going to be worth every cent of her fee – and I wasn’t wrong. The food, drinks and ambiance were prepared in an impeccable Kyoto style. She was very quickly able to put my mind and nerves at ease, and what followed was a beautiful, intimate rendezvous that one has to experience to understand truly.

Yuko’s understanding of and passion for intimacy was the perfect way to round off an incredible evening. Her way of touching me was erotic but tender, her lips gave me chills when she brushed them over my body, and the sex was incredible. Slow, passionate – letting it build as much as it needed until the absolute right moment…

See Yuko for a night you couldn’t forget if you tried. I know I will be again.


From Mr J:

Spending a night with Yuko was pure delight.

Meeting her for the first time at the traditional hotel, dressed in her gorgeous kimono. Her hair, and full white makeup was unlike anything I have experienced. It is like she stepped out of another world and a different century.

We caught a taxi to the Opera House and had a fabulous dinner at Bennelong restaurant. In public all eyes were on Yuko. It was quite amazing. She was exquisite to look at – and walking with her on my arm was so much fun.

When we returned to the hotel Yuko performed a traditional tea ceremony and danced for me. If you enjoy Japanese culture, then this will be a real treat. It was unlike anything I have ever done before.

I then was offered a long relaxing bath in the hotel’s amazing timber bathtub, accompanied by plum sake, while Yuko prepared for bed. It was nice to relax and relive the evening in my mind.

In bed, without her kimono and makeup, Yuko was attentive and skilled. Her skin is soft and smooth and her fingers talented… It was a perfect way to end the evening.

I would highly recommend anyone who loves Japanese culture, appreciates the company of a beautiful woman, and wants to be part of a unique show when you step outside with her to book a date with Yuko.

July, 2016