Brief Note of Whats & Whys Vol. 1 – Murakami Haruki(村上春樹)

First of all,
I’m not a “Harukist”,
but neither am I a hater [I promise;)].

His books came into my life at a special timing when I was going through some emotional turbulence feeling isolated and misunderstood. Given the time passed since that point of time, I now have some confidence in finding clarity in his writing, which sometimes feels like a never-ending fog… 😉

For those who haven’t come across this author. Murakami is a Japanese writer who’s famous for his romantic novels and those talking about alienation and loneliness. He has a massive fan-base – much larger outside of Japan than inside. In the past 10-15 years, his books have won him many international literature awards which, along with other information, can be found on his wiki page:

I don’t intend to either promote or criticise his books, but I hope this blog will provide insights on whats and whys to the type of author he is and his popularity. Continue reading “Brief Note of Whats & Whys Vol. 1 – Murakami Haruki(村上春樹)”