Sakura in Sydney

This year’s spring in Sydney has a sobering power waking people up to mother nature’s beauty and resilience.

I recently took a trip to Auburn Botanic Garden for the Sydney Cherry Blossom Festival. This is my first Hanami in Sydney and the huge crowds in the park soon make me feel like home… I have some very good memories going on Hanami trips at Kamogawa River in Kyoto, but the spring in there is more clouded and sentimental compared to it is here – radiant and bursting with life’s energy:




It’s not just the flowers that made my day…



One of my favourite haiku from Basho says:

命二つの、中に生きたる、 桜哉
Inochi Futatsu no, Naka ni Ikiru, Sakura kana.
Between our two lives. Is the vivid life. Of the cherry blossoms!

He wrote this in Nozarashi Travelogue when he was 42, describing an emotional reunion with a dear friend who he hasn’t seen for 20 years… Basho rejoices for their bond that survives the test of time, leaving the others unsaid… Much like cherry blossoms, the magnificent joy of life seldom last, they are short, intense episodes, moments of our life. In the meantime, those cherished memories that make us special, they’re a mirror of what become of us.

Me and other working ladies, we bear a lot of names: courtesan, escort, sex worker, private companion, but the nature of our career is often an atelier that weaves dreams and connects souls. We are proud architects in intimacy, chemistry and strong bonds; we design episodes of intense joy and sensations… Such a life survives the test of time, like Basho’s haiku…

Meet me under the cherry tree, “may this bond be the eternal cherry blossoms, blooming in the life of you and me.”


Until we meet…♡

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