Singapore – Nostalgia and Cultures

Singapore never cease to create the sweetest memories. You brought back such nostalgia – from Padang leaves in taxi to midnight Sambal Kangkong at Newton… This time, you gave me new unforgettable adventures.

My special thanks goes to Mr Pearl Thong… whom I finally had the pleasure to meet after months of near misses. I can’t love enough about someone who knows how to extend the fun of one night to so many nights to come… (and… yes to cum) You! Gentleman, are a true connoisseur……

Celebrating client’s birthday is another unbeatable experience I had on this tour. The intimate room celebration, tub games, presents… Thank you my special birthday boy for spoiling both of us♡

This tour was so fully planned I wish I had the time to stop and talk to people, especially the owners of these stalls.

Beautiful retro Chinese 美人像 (Mei Ren Xiang) on tiles… with an erotic twitch.

Tea merchants with a Zheng on display – the music instrument I played throughout my childhood.

Artist of traditional Chinese peach wood combs. I have used mine for at least 6 years, still using it today…


I’m already nagging my assistant Naomi to plan the next tour to Singapore!
Can’t wait to go back. For the orgasms, the gourmet, and the contemporary touch  of my home cultures.


Until we meet…

2 thoughts on “Singapore – Nostalgia and Cultures

  1. Jeff says:

    Dear Ms Yuko, This is an epic editorial style art critique of Shunga art. The command you have of the English language and insights into Shunga are exceptional. It provided a fast track of understanding on Shunga which I now view with absolute respect and enjoy the eroticism thanks to your succinct critique

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