Escorting and Self-Care

Morning meditation and yoga – I’d never dare to claim having mastered either of them. Life has endless treasures to offer yet too little time to learn. My practice is much less frequent than I want them to be, but I’ve made it a weekly routine to watch sunrise, practice yoga and have a ten minutes’ meditation before heading to breakfast.


This routine is also a form of self-care I practice on the following morning of an overnight date. That’s not to say my time with clients will somehow “damage” me. On the contrary, spending a night of genuine passion is endlessly fun. Being emotionally engaged means I’m fully committed to the person in front of me, so much that my mind often stays engaged long after we part our ways. Self-care is there to unwind rather than repair. (That’s also why it seems bizarre to me how sex work prohibitionists say that we are faking, because if there is a way to fake this level of intimate bond, I would love to know how *sarcasm*…)

What meditation and yoga do for me is to strike an emotional balance. They help me recalibrate the focus, absorb new experiences and take a step forward in life. Some of my friends choose swimming, which I agree is one of the best ways to clear your head… The variety of self-care often boils down to a kind of mindfulness – be aware of the self: What define you? Where do you stand? Where are you going? Why?…


Every experience with a gentleman is special.
If they are pieces of life’s lenses through which I see the world, then self-care is the process of reexamination and growth.


Of course, another benefit of this routine is that I have plenty of time to recharge and work on administration;)



Until we meet…♡

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