Your Privacy:

Every client’s privacy is Yuko’s highest priority. Meanwhile, she will need your personal information for screening upon your first booking request. Its sole purpose is to protect the lady’s safety.


Yuko’s Privacy:

Please do not take photos of Yuko. She has a private life and needs her privacy protected just as much as you do yours.

An elegant lady in kimono attracts attention in a public space, especially on an Opera House date. Tourists have so far been very polite; they refrained from approaching for photos when they see the lady is accompanied by a gentleman. In the extremely rare cases when someone does, please politely decline to protect Yuko’s (and your own) privacy.


Special Arrangement for High-Profile Client:

We have previously arranged for clients with a high profile who requested extra discretion.

If you wish to have a 100% private encounter away from any unnecessary attention, please let us know in the contact form under “special request”, we would gladly tailor a special plan catering your special concerns with the highest professionalism.


Intimacy and Safety

Yuko has full STI testing once a month to ensure your safety and her own. You are highly encouraged to test yourself one week before meeting Yuko.



Please understand all services are strictly safe and protected. If you’re looking for Greek, ANY form of unprotected intimacy, or ANY activity involving drug consumption, Yuko is not your lady.

Yuko does not entertain group or party enquiries. Her service is strictly one-to-one.

If the client arrives intoxicated (on alcohol or drugs), Yuko will leave immediately, and your deposit will not be refunded.


Racial Fantasy

Please be advised that Yuko has full autonomy and agency in providing an authentic cultural experience. She does not entertain orientalist/colonialist fantasy seekers who look for Asian women to fulfil a desire of domination. Please read more on what’s harmful and what’s harmless regarding racial preferences here.

To become her valued client, one needs to respect the lady, her boundaries and her culture: be the gentleman that treats the lady with equal affection and respect she does you.


Kimono and Manners

Yuko’s kimono will vary to best suit the occasion. They are very delicate and require careful handling; please be gentle to them as you are to the lady. Once the kimono is undressed, it can’t be put back on without professional assistance.

Kimono absorbs scent very easily. Instead of strong perfume, Yuko applies a special scent used by Geisha in Kyoto. If you have strong body odour, please shower and apply products prior to your date as an important courtesy to the lady.

One big enemy of kimono is cigarette smoke. When silk absorbs smoke, the smell lingers and it makes the kimono change colour. You’re welcome to smoke but we’d recommend using a smoking area/room. Your kind understanding and cooperation are deeply appreciated!

The special design of formal kimono makes the lady walk slower, please be considerate when walking with her and make convenience for her by opening car doors and pulling the chair in the restaurant.

It is not a traditional practice to show affection in public (e.g. kissing), especially when you’re seeing Yuko as your private Maiko-san. Please respect her culture in order to enjoy the most authentic Japanese hospitality.


Personal Hygiene:

Please pay extra attention to your nails and beard, the lady’s skin is soft, delicate and sensitive. Untrimmed nails and stubble can leave scratch marks or rashes on her body. A high standard of oral hygiene is greatly appreciated at all times for you to enjoy the taste her sweet kisses.


Plan your Booking:

As all Yuko’s dates are outcalls, you, the gentleman, will be the one arranging accommodation when your screening information checks clear.

If you are looking to book a traditional Japanese accommodation for a Friday or Saturday night, we strongly recommend you to submit your booking enquiry at least 2 weeks in advance, as that very place has extremely limited availability. Please request in the contact form for more information and instruction to book that special location.

If you are booking a hotel (5 stars and above) in Sydney CBD, we fully trust your taste in choosing an elegant room as your secret ‘theatre chamber for two’…


Screening Policy:

Please provide your:

  1. legal name
  2. residential address
  3. a picture of your photo ID which can prove 1) and 2)
  4. employment information (company website/number)
    In case there is not a company staff web page that can prove your employment status, we accept a company main line on which we can call (at any guise of your choice) to confirm instead.
  5. references from other ladies are not required but are deeply appreciated.

We recommend all gentlemen to participate in the ‘pre-screening’ process – provide screening information as far in advance as possible to secure your rendezvous.


Deposit Policy and Payment:

Please be advised that all bookings require a 20% deposit upon acceptance, transferred to the lady’s bank account. To protect our clients’ privacy, our bank account is a discreet and legitimate business bank account that will not reveal any substantial/personal information when appearing on our clients’ statement.

The balance of her payment can be made by electronic transfer or in cash, in which case please use an envelope and make sure Yuko has it at the beginning of your date. You are most welcome to make the full payment in advance, as carrying the cash around on the day of the booking has its own risk and inconveniences.

Deposit is not refundable if you cancel your date on short notice (within four days of the booked date). However, it can be transferred onto a rescheduled booking.

This strict deposit and cancellation policy is made not only in consideration of the opportunity cost turning down another valued client, but also the lady’s tremendous effort in preparing/practising for the date (including regular kimono/kanzashi/wig cost and maintenance, artistic training, and operational cost).