Ohhhh Orgasms…! Vol. 1

  ” – Numberwise, a vibrator can give me at least four big orgasms in a day; a passionate night can give me just as much and more … For me, being penetrated by a man is the one sweetest way to orgasm. And yes, it beats sex with a vibrating dildo.”

First of all, everyone reading this blog, please let go of any previous judgments about female orgasms (in terms of how and how many).  Our bodies are all different, just like only a percentage of women can squirt, some women find orgasms very difficult (no matter how hard they try), and that is completely okay. Exploration is great! However, there is absolutely no need to feel pressured or underperforming – what you feel is the best sex, *IS* the best sex for you.

I’m writing this blog in the hope to discuss female orgasms from my point of view.

1) Clitoral Orgasms

I’m a fan of vibrators. I won’t mention brands as this is not a native advertisement for sex toys;) However,  you’ll be able to see and play with my little collection during our date… Vibrators are excellent tools to provide long and consistent external stimulations. For that reason, they’re quite good in giving me a quick and intense orgasm…

I first touched myself with a vibrator was when I just turned 20. Shortly after my birthday, I got myself a small egg-shaped pink vibrator that easily gave me my first orgasm when I put it on my labia, then pressed it towards my clitoris. It felt like an itch being finally scratched – an itch that has been secretly calling for ages. My heart was racing so fast, I could hear it beating like the sound of drums… It took me a while to realise what happened and to slowly turn it into my most private entertainment. Now I’ve built a small collection of vibrators and explored different “pressure points” and positions that I can come shivering from pleasure and my mind sliding into deep sleep.

In contrary of the myth that toys makes your clitoris less sensitive, what they did for me was that they taught my body not only what orgasms feel like, but also *how to* orgasm and control the length and ways of it.  The exploration I had with toys made my clitoris aware of the types of sensation it wants (and don’t want).

Sitting on a wooden chair in the right jeans… Cross my legs… subtle movements and the right pressure can make me come. Leaning on the edge of a desk, pressing part of my weight onto it… slowly feeling the hard edge can give me a small, satisfying orgasm…. All I need to have fun at the back of a crowded room is to focus and use my imagination…

Having a sensitive clitoris is also a troublemaker, especially when sitting (kneeling/seiza) on the floor in kimono. It’s hard to describe how it works, but I can place your palm at the right place so you can feel the pressure yourself;)

After I started to have sex, the desire for clitoral stimulation has grown into a “byproduct” of the craving for penetration and vaginal orgasm…

2) Vaginal Orgasm

I know many of my fellow escort ladies will disagree when I say penetration is more satisfying than clitoral stimulation. The truth is, it *IS* for me. I’m sure you have seen women in porn or reality who stimulate their clitoris with fingers/toys during sex because it helps them orgasm quicker/better. I for one hate it because it distracts my focus from feeling the penetration.

Simultaneous clitoral stimulation during sex didn’t feel *too* bad, if I do use a vibrator, it will give a special sensation to both my and my lover. However, it delays my orgasms. If I completely ignore my clitoris, I can consecutively come from penetration again and again… and again until my consciousness lets go…

Numberwise, a vibrator can give me at least four big orgasms in a whole day; a passionate night can give me just as much and more.

For me, being penetrated by a man is the one sweetest way to orgasm. And yes, it beats sex with a vibrating dildo because the latter makes my body feel numb inside from the vibrating. It is a type of powerful but mechanic stimulation directly pressed on the g-spot. When I did come with a vibrating dildo, the sensation was much similar to external orgasm with a vibrator: intense, sometimes eye-opening, but very mechanic.

A big factor of my orgasm is to feel the shape and pulse of my lover – feeling close to him, being the most important person to him in that very moment of passion is what gives me the greatest pleasure and what makes me come. When I come, I can feel waves of burning heat imploding within my body. People describe orgasms as “explosions”, but for me, they are energy and bliss imploding – rocking and recalibrating all senses to combust at one single point; to rejoice over the chemistry and intimacy between us.


Time to tell a little secret, are you ready?

The best orgasm(s) is often the one(s) after we wake up;)


I’m hoping to write about orgasms in slow and ‘quick’ sex perhaps within this month. Special thanks to the special one who messaged to remind me of my promise of writing about historical dildos, that I’ll have to do, too!


Until we meet…

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  1. Erika Myles says:

    Beautifully written Miss Yuko. I can relate to some of what you have said and some of it I just imagine and dream of experiencing the depth of your pleasure. Thanks for sharing. Erika xxx

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