“Your Private Geisha”

Yuko’s rates are adjusted (lowered) in consideration of a generous patron’s long-term arrangement.
Due to its commitments, Yuko’s availability each month becomes less than 10-14 days. Please contact us for detailed dates this month…

  • Kaguya – dinner/lunch date (5 hours, e.g. 7pm to midnight): $4500
    See the real Kyoto history in live – travel back in time to the 1920s… End the night with real, intimate passion witnessing your Maiko removing every layer and come into your arms the natural beauty she is…
  • Hachikatsugi – overnight date (7pm to 10am): $6500
    Rest in Yuko’s calm loving arms, wake up her with your kiss where you adore her the most, share an intimate morning to remember forever… Get to know her the way no one else could…
  • Additional hours: $1000

Indulge yourself in an authentic Kyoto-style Geisha banquet right here in Sydney.


Experience the 400 years old Geisha culture

Yuko will be your private Maiko-san (young Geisha apprentice) giving you an exclusive Kyoto geisha experience.

She is the living ancient Japanese elegance, breathing beneath her white-painted face and layers of lavish silk kimono. Besides traditional dance, drinking games and top quality communication, Yuko offers to host banquets in authentic Kyoto dialect spoken by the Kyoto Geisha. Please show your interests in the contact form if you can speak Japanese or are curious about the language.

Yuko’s attire strictly follows the traditions of Kyoto Maiko –her kimono and hair accessories change every month to pay respect to the fleeting seasons and nature’s forces. Read more on Yuko’s kimono here.

Maiko’s hair is dressed up, while Geiko (Geisha) use katsura (wig). Due to an absence of qualified hairdressers in Sydney, Yuko uses a made-to-order katsura. It is sent back to Japan on a regular base to be washed, re-combed and oiled by professionals to be constantly maintained in its best condition. Read about Geisha/Maiko’s looks here.


Sake and drinking games

Shochu, Junmai, Ginjo, Dai-Ginjo, Japanese sake has a great variety to match with different cuisines. Let Yuko know your preference or interest, she’ll arrange the best sake to bring out the highlight of the dinner. No matter if you are a sake connoisseur, have a drink with Yuko at a private banquet will leave you unforgettable memories of the Japanese sake culture and Ozashiki drinking games…



The traditional Japanese Geisha dance is said to be the origin of Kabuki theatre. In Kyoto, it is the exclusive pleasure of private banquets. Outside the closed doors, true Kyoto dance can be only seen on few special occasions in a year.

To appreciate traditional Japanese dance, please understand it is a very deep and subtle art that conveys emotions through body movements and the eyes, which means there will be minimum facial expressions. Find out more with pictures and videos here.



Both Japanese and western cuisine can be enjoyed with your private Maiko-san. Please be advised that the Obi belt tightly wrapped around her waist puts limitations on having a normal adult-portion dinner. If you state your preferred cuisine in the contact form, Yuko can provide a list of recommended venues to bring you the best experience.




Hotels in Sydney CBD (5 stars and above).
Please enquire in the contact form for her preferred hotel options.


Two luxurious locations available in Sydney city area and the northen beaches.
Please enquire at least 20 days in advance.