“The Lady in Kimono”

Yuko’s rates are adjusted (lowered) in consideration of a generous patron’s long-term arrangement.
Due to its commitments, Yuko’s availability each month becomes less than 10-14 days. Please contact us for detailed dates this month…

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  • Kaguyadinner/lunch date (5 hours, e.g. 7pm to midnight): $3000
    Enjoy hearty food with sake or a warm cup of Yuko’s green tea, lose yourself in the sensual night…
  • Hachikatsugiovernight date (7pm to 10am): $5000
    Rest in Yuko’s calm loving arms, wake up her with your kiss where you adore her the most, share an intimate morning to remember…
  • Murasaki24 hours of indulgence: $ 7,000
    Embrace a full day of romance and passion… Design a day of your favourite activities with Yuko, let it be theatre, museum, a mini-escape, or a long relaxed journey of sensual explorations… Get to know her and her life the way no one else could…
  • Oryu 48 hours of adventure: $ 10,000
    Life’s sparkles shine the brightest when you share it with that one special person – experience Yuko in the most intimate way possible… Road trip or staycation, take Yuko on a romantic weekend getaway. Use this chance to taste Yuko’s cooking, or cook for her;) Learn from Yuko about dance and tea, or teach her your own proudest skills;) Try something new that neither of you has ever done before; go somewhere special that leaves a sweet spot on your heart forever…
  • Additional hours: $900




Hotels in Sydney CBD (5 stars and above).
Please enquire in the contact form for her preferred hotel options.


Two luxurious locations available in Sydney city area and the northen beaches.
Please enquire at least 20 days in advance.


Matcha Tea Ceremony

Experience a taste of Zen at Yuko’s one-on-one tea ceremony. Yuko is not only the host of her tea ceremony, she is also your loyal confidant. It is an important philosophy of Sado (Way of Tea) to be true and honest to one’s self and the ever-changing world. Come join Yuko to explore meditation, self-confrontation, and self-care in this ancient ritual.

Yuko orders her Matcha  from a 150 years old tea garden in Uji, Kyoto. Please mention if you have your own preferred brand, Yuko will see to order it from Japan.


Shiatsu Massage

Relax your body in a skillful shiatsu massage and reconnect with your sensual body. Yuko can design a personalised course of traditional Japanese massage according to your special conditions and needs. Read more here.