To Break the Tunnel Vision of Jealousy…


Providers have different emotional boundaries in business relationships.

Imagine a long spectrum – from low to high. On the left end, a provider will cut a client loose or refer him to a friend the moment she thinks he’s getting too attached; on the right end, a provider has enough patience walking a client through his every emotional turbulence. This spectrum is so long, that a provider on the extreme left can feel those on the other end may be having their labour abused, that’s how long the spectrum is.

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Brief Note of Whats & Whys Vol. 2 – Shunga

Here comes my long overdue Shunga blog. My apologies for the long delay, I know I promised it ages ago… The Shunga samples in this blog are used to demonstrate concepts and may not be strictly accurate to timeline.

Shunga (’Spring Pictures’), known by many westerners as, ‘Japanese historical pornographic pictures (drawn on scrolls, papers, and woodblocks)’. I’d say that’s a fair understanding. In this blog, I hope to expand your knowledge on the whats and whys around Shunga to offer a fuller picture of Japan’s ‘historical hot sex’.

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Ohhhh Orgasms…! Vol. 1

  ” – Numberwise, a vibrator can give me at least four big orgasms in a day; a passionate night can give me just as much and more … For me, being penetrated by a man is the one sweetest way to orgasm. And yes, it beats sex with a vibrating dildo.”

First of all, everyone reading this blog, please let go of any previous judgments about female orgasms (in terms of how and how many).  Our bodies are all different, just like only a percentage of women can squirt, some women find orgasms very difficult (no matter how hard they try), and that is completely okay. Exploration is great! However, there is absolutely no need to feel pressured or underperforming – what you feel is the best sex, *IS* the best sex for you.

I’m writing this blog in the hope to discuss female orgasms from my point of view. Continue reading “Ohhhh Orgasms…! Vol. 1”