To Break the Tunnel Vision of Jealousy…


Providers have different emotional boundaries in business relationships.

Imagine a long spectrum – from low to high. On the left end, a provider will cut a client loose or refer him to a friend the moment she thinks he’s getting too attached; on the right end, a provider has enough patience walking a client through his every emotional turbulence. This spectrum is so long, that a provider on the extreme left can feel those on the other end may be having their labour abused, that’s how long the spectrum is.

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Escorting and Self-Care

Morning meditation and yoga – I’d never dare to claim having mastered either of them. Life has endless treasures to offer yet too little time to learn. My practice is much less frequent than I want them to be, but I’ve made it a weekly routine to watch sunrise, practice yoga and have a ten minutes’ meditation before heading to breakfast.

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Sakura in Sydney

This year’s spring in Sydney has a sobering power waking people up to mother nature’s beauty and resilience.

I recently took a trip to Auburn Botanic Garden for the Sydney Cherry Blossom Festival. This is my first Hanami in Sydney and the huge crowds in the park soon make me feel like home… I have some very good memories going on Hanami trips at Kamogawa River in Kyoto, but the spring in there is more clouded and sentimental compared to it is here – radiant and bursting with life’s energy:

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