Just like one of those news that makes you smile, the recently surfaced note from Einstein says:

“A quiet and modest life brings more joy than a pursuit of success bound with constant unrest.”

*The context is either the courier staff refused his tip (due to the traditional Japanese notion that a tip is disrespectful to workers’ professionalism) or that he had no money to tip; he left a note and told the staff “maybe if you’re lucky those notes will become much more valuable than just a regular tip”.

Without trying to endorse or dispute this note, are we in a worthy pursuit of answers in asking whether a ‘modest’ life or an ambitious one is better? Does this binary thinking help us to understand more? Continue reading “Note”


Rates Adjustments & Updates (Nov 24th, 2016)

Dear gentlemen,

It is my pleasure to make this announcement that my journey welcomed its first long-term patron and a generous sponsor of traditional arts. Due to the commitment of the arrangement, my availability further reduced to 10 to 14 days each month.

In consideration of the changes, I’ve lowered my rates for both Geisha Banquets and Oriental Lover:

Experience the true Kyoto tea house hospitality in Sydney:
fine dining, traditional dance, sake, and geisha drinking games – for an evening, or overnight.

Yuko’s attire includes:

  • Traditional Maiko hair and accessories
  • Shironuri (white-painted) make-up
  • Formal silk long kimono (made-to-order) for Maiko
  • Paulownia Okobo shoes (made-to-order) for Maiko


  • Kaguya – dinner/lunch date (5 hours, e.g. 7pm to midnight): $4500
  • Hachikatsugi – overnight date (7pm to 10am): $6500
  • Additional hours: $1000

Find out in more detail here.

“The Lady in Kimono” – your elegant oriental lover
A less formal engagement in kimono, without traditional wig and white make-up:
A customisable plan which can include one-on-one tea ceremony or/and Shiatsu healing massage – for an evening, or overnight.

Yuko’s attire includes:

  • Formal hand-painted kimono (Tomesode/Furisode)
  • Hand-sewn Obi with gold/silver threads
  • Modern hair and make-up


  • Kaguya – dinner/lunch date (5 hours, e.g. 7pm to midnight): $3000
  • Hachikatsugi – overnight date (7pm to 10am): $5000
  • Additional hours: $900

(Find out more about both experience in policy and their separate pages – Geisha Banquet, Oriental Lover)

It is my hope that the finest Japanese cultures combined with intense sensual experience are not out of reach of those who genuinely appreciate them.

I haven’t been able to make it happen because of the enormous cost of operation, logistics, maintenance and the artistic training to continuously perfect my arts since I left Kyoto. Now I’m able to do so with the help from a special gentleman who is a true connoisseur of Japanese traditional arts and sensual intimate pleasures…

My apologies that now my availability is even less than it was; my intention is to secure Fridays and Saturdays (in rare occasions, Sundays) for my work and devote the rest of my professional time to my long-term arrangement(s).


Updates on donations to wildlife rescues:

Due to an unfortunate privacy-related incident happened (to me), the blog about donations to wildlife rescues are no longer visible on here. However, I still offer special rates to gentlemen who donate. Please state your interest when filling the contact form, I will provide the list of organisations in our private correspondence.

Thank you in advance for your findness; our native animals need our help now more than ever.


Until we meet…