Shiatsu Healing Massage

“Shiatsu” therapy originally started in China as a sport massage, releasing bad ‘qi’ and healing muscle injuries happened in combat. It is now developed into many different ryuha/pai (schools) in modern Japan and China. The two main approaches are massage and acupuncture.

My specialty is massage:

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The term “Shiatsu” means “finger pressure”.

It refers to the massage therapy relieving muscle stress by applying pressure onto specific trigger points. In the field of martial arts, Shiatsu therapy is used to accelerate the healing progress of muscles injury as it reduces tension and puts muscle tissues in their right places.

When your body screams pain or stress, it gets really difficult to relax and embrace sensual pleasures. Even if you consciously try to relax, your body often fights that idea and lingers in a stressful state.

Tell me in the contact form if you have any particular concern, whether it’s stress-induced muscle tension or chronic pain. Let the magic of touch work and embrace the senses with me…


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