Geisha and Sex

Do Geisha/Maiko provide sexual services?
What do Geisha/Maiko do?
What do you do?


Geisha’s job was originally performed by men in the early 1600s when the tradition began.

The term “Geisha” referred to men who assumed the role of “court jester”. They performed at lavish banquets held by courtesans to entertain samurai warriors and merchants. The male gender of this job was indented to prevent Geisha from competing with the courtesans.

Although it later became a job for women, the Edo government never ceased to emphasise the “no sex” rule for Geisha. So in fact, the rule “Geisha don’t have sex” is not a mysterious code, but a non-compete clause reinforced by the government.

After the second World War, when the US troops entered Japan, mesmerising tales of Geisha trapped the hearts of the foreign soldiers…

Enduring severe shortages of food in the ruins of war-damaged towns, many girls started to dress like Geisha to entertain and provide sexual services to the US soldiers for a living. Many soldiers went home believing what they saw were real Geisha…

Nowadays Geisha remain as a profession of strictly non-sexual entertainment (sometimes with a hue of stoicism).
They practice dancing and music instrument during the day; go to banquets at night. Their lifestyle is very similar to ballet dancers’ in terms of long hours repetitive practising, strict diet and close-to-zero leisure time… except that Geisha have a much more close-up lifestyle. They’re expected to become a walking legacy of hundreds’ years of proud traditions, while living a secluded life away from the rest of the world.

I chose to be an independent private companion because the life of a Geisha is not for me.

Art, especially in an Asian context, has been the license to regulate the female body as one of the very few socially acceptable outlets for women’s sexual expression. It was an intricate social institution designed to shape and discipline the female body… While I pride myself in being a living theatre of traditional art, my body is an active agent; my sexuality, as well as that of my fellow peer’s, should be explored and expressed on our own terms.

Hence I decided to make my body a safe place to explore the world of senses free of judgement with respectful gentlemen who share my desires.

Sex is never a simple set of movements.
It connects people in the deepest ways.
It is a journey of wonder to share with,
let that person be you…


Until we meet…